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They Key Women in Obama Administration

Unlike in the past, the influence of women in the different sectors has been rising. This is also the case when it comes to politics. Women played a central role with regards to the Obama administration. This was the case since the beginning until the end of his career. There are some women who played a big role in his campaigns and hence played a crucial role in making him elected as the 44th president of the United States. This is the main reason why the book titled Obama chicks has been authored to highlight the instrumental role that different women played in the course of his campaigns and eventually the presidency.

The book showcases the insights of the different women who were part and parcel of his private life, presidential campaigns and his government later. By reading the book, you will be informed about the various characters of Obama that inspired the women to be part of his campaigns and later the presidency. Was it not for the contribution of American women, there is no way Obama could have become the president. This is the main reason why the book has done a data analysis to make it easy for people to visualize what roles that women played in his political and personal life. This is why the book is able to tell a data story that is easy for people to understand. To achieve its role, interviews have been used to drive the point home.

Even after he became president, Obama has been noted as playing a big role in opening the doors of the white house for many women. These women played different roles in his administration including the cabinet. Indeed, Obama is noted to have appointed more than 20 women to serve in his administration with cabinet positions. Obama is also known for having spearheaded the enactment of a legislation that provided more and more support to the American women. Obama is lauded for laid the foundation for the increasing number of women in American politics. This is because they were inspired by the trend and have been making a lot of progress ever since. To understand the book better, it is important to look at the outline. The outline of the book highlights the various interviews that have been done.

As noted, the book has highlighted the interviews of about 44 women who played an instrumental role in his administration. The book also has interviews of women who played an important role in his personal life. Accordingly, it enables the readers of the book to have a deeper understand of the man. The book also showcases a lot of information about the background of the women, and also the factors which inspired such women to consider working in the Obama administration. The book also highlights the kind of legacy that Obama has left for the women. This includes the numerous achievements during his presidency. This book can be very inspiring for women readers who will be inspired to break the ceiling.

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