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Dental health is also very important for you, either teenager or adult have to keep their dental health in order to avoid you from kinds of dental diseases. Dental disease very annoys your daily activity, so you must keep yourself by doing simple things. One example from a dental disease is periodontal disease. It is related with your gums. A disease that causes tooth wobbly, and are often considered with your age. If you have felt there is something wrong with your gums, you have to check it. This disease can make your teeth lose one by one, even though at first you do not have toothache, cavities or caries. This disease does not cause tooth pain, and has faint signs.

There are many professional dentists in Long island who told about what causes periodontal disease. They provide you about Long Island periodontists, so they will help some patients who have problem with periodontal disease. First of all, you must know about the main cause of periodontal disease is bacterial plaque. In the fact, your mouths are full of bacteria, but it contains about advantages and few of them are harmful. These bacteria react with the food and saliva, if you do not clean thoroughly the plaque will patch in your teeth. The simplest way to clean your teeth is by brush your teeth and flossing also helps to prevent from plaque.

So, if you do not want to get periodontal disease, you have to know about some factors which lead to periodontal disease. First, stop smoking. Smoking becomes the main factor of periodontal disease. Tobacco will try to create some plague in your teeth. Second, the changing of women’s hormone will make the gums is more sensitive, so gingivitis develops easily. Third, few of people who have genetic susceptibility are more easily to get severe periodontal disease than others. So, you have to keep your dental health now.

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