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Ellanse treatment: Everything you need to know

Ellanse 少女針 is a gel made to strengthen the collagen and help avoiding skin ussies such as wrinkles, sagging of skin and more. It is designed to offer cosmetic benefits and naturally younger looking skin. It is made from two main components including Polycaprolactone and Biodegradable material, which can be naturally absorbed by the body. Ellance is the first and only dermal filler, which acts as of biostimular of collagen, providing an appealing look for up to two to five years. Ellanse is a non-animal, non-bacterial and non-human derived product. It is a natural bio-simulator, since it stimulates the creation of patient own new collagen.

Uses of collagen

ELLANSE offers the maximum potential for modeling due to the combination of optimum viscosity, unique elasticity and uniform homogeneity, hence, the ELLANSE family can be used in a variety of beautifying indications:

  • Correcting wrinkles and folds
  • Volumizing
  • Contouring
  • Sculpting

The ELLANSE is an injectable filler indicated for deep dermal and subdermal implantation. The nasolabial folds used in clinical studies are representative for deep and sub-dermal soft tissue augmentation of the facial area. Ellansé is a dermal filler providing immediate results, as well as, Bio-stimulation inducing neo-collagenesis for longer-lasting and sustained results.

Due to the optimum viscosity and elasticity of the gel-carrier, the wrinkles and folds undergo immediate physical correction after treatment. The gel-carrier is gradually resorbed over a period of several weeks after treatment.

Suitability for Ellance treatment

Ellanse is suitable for both woman and men of different ages. It can help with deep folds around the mouth and nose, sunken cheeks, facial scars, deep acne scars and loose skin. It has optimal bio-compatibility, due to the very smooth spherical micro-spheres. It is predictable, controlled and has tunable bioresorption, with an excellent safety profile. Unique tunable longevity options for personalized and tailored treatment.

Ellanse is ideal for long lasting lines and wrinkle correction and enhances cheek volume and stimulates collagen in a natural way. Ellanse is ideal for restoring facial contours and volume and correcting facial laxity, improving the jaw line and other areas. Patients can achieve full face lifting without the need of aggressive surgery, with the result lasting up to three to four years.

Treatment of Ellance treatment

The procedure for Ellanse injection is very quick, often lasting just ten to fifteen minutes. Many patients experience no pain at all or minimum discomfort. There is no recovery time needed, patients can resume their normal activities right after the treatment.

Ellanse is gently injected into the required area and hydrate the skin. It also has antioxidant qualities which provide instantly smoother skin. The results last between 1- 4 years.

Immediate side effects are very rare and may include injection-related events, at the site of injection, such as, minimum redness, slight tenderness or discomfort, some bruising or rarely swelling.

Delayed appearance of small bumps under the skin in the treated area could rarely occur. Generally, these bumps are not visible and may only be noticed when pressing on the treated area. All of these side effects usually last only a day or two.

The specifically designed microsphere characteristics provide a safe and long-lasting high-quality scaffold for tissue infiltration.

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